Graphite drawing for an open call.

Blog post

on the 10th of March, I traveled to the UK.

I visit my family and friends.
I study English to do the exam,
and I take part in the Ramadan activities at the local mosque.

England is a very nice and friendly place. The people are cheerful, they like to make friends and speak about everything. They are interested in the foreign culture, food, and travel.

Even though my English is not too good they like to spend time with me and speak with me.

Cutty Sark. A dream came true.

My family helps me to continue the paintings and calligraphies.

I have my own corner in the flat where I can keep my things, paints, calligraphy inks, brushes, and much more.

I already made a couple of designs of paintings. I am busy with Ramadan. In Shaa Allah, I will finish them in May.