2023. January projects.

Ottoman flag with rich border decoration, calligraphy painting.

This is a painting of the Ottoman flag, from the time of Sultan Mehmet Fatih (Mehmed II), in 1453, at the capture of Constantinople (according to tradition), made it based on.

Top row, Allah's victory, the victory is near and the believers will remain, O Muhammad.

Bottom row: We won clearly.

On the right is the Shahada, on the left is the Besmelleh.

Both the crescent and the star have the shahada.

Artist's signature in the right tughra, Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin in the left tughra.



Mosque ensemble in the morning light as the sun rises and illuminates the sky.

Alhamdulillah inscription in calligraphy. Before sunrise. Fajr time. People usually wake up.

It is time to pray and we are happy and grateful for a new day, a new opportunity.

February 2023.


Pre Ramadan Bazar at the East London Mosque

Alhamdulillah, on Saturday, 18th February we got an opportunity to take part on the Pre Ramadan Bazar

at the East London Mosque. It was a Sadaqah Jariyah opportunity too, with donation towards the Masjid.

It was a very nice and interesting time with brothers and sisters.

On the pictures, we tried to cover out other persons because of personality right.

March 2023.


This is the new draft.

The Ayat Ul Kursi.

In the lion;Quran 2.154

In this moon : Shahada.

April 2023.