Eid celebration at Garon Park,  Southend-on-sea.


It was a fine and warm day, perfect for Eid prayer at the park with the following fun fair.

We got an opportunity to introduce myself publicly and take part in the fair.

We did half table charity jumble sale to raise money for the local mosques who organized this great event together:

UKIM / Southend Mosque and Essex Jamme Masjid Trust Ltd.

May Allah SWT accept from all of us this donation.

Thank you to all donors who shopped with us.
May Allah SWT bless you and your family and grant you Jannat Ul Firdaus.


Eid in the Garon Park, Southend-on-sea.
The local tv made a short video of the Eid at the Garon Park.
I was surprised and happy when I saw one of my kind buyers
to hold in hands the canvas they bought from us.

2022 May. New projects starts with new backgrounds. 


These 4 backgrounds will be a series, In Shaa Allah.