Abdullah Yusuf's thoughts on the art of calligraphy.




"It 's such a meticulous job, you have to pay close attention to it, because if you mess it up there' s a big deal, you can start over."









"One would think how simple it is, though not.

This is not a simple stunt."


















"But the end result
is very nice."










"When you see the letters take shape,

the more beautiful it is."







Design with Persian reeds.


The last touches:


And the end result:




"This is just a draft.
The customer will tell if he like it.
Then I'll make a neat background."

"Design making
with turkey feathers."

The background is ready.









The end result:

Beautiful calligraphy in Thugra style, step by step pictures from the first design to the ready calligraphy art.

The happy owner.