Short introduction

Islamic calligraphy is one of the beautiful art on earth.
It's not only write down letters in a nice way
but the message from the Holy Quran
and reminders from our beloved Prophet Muhammad
(Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam).
There are many different types of letters, styles, shapes in this art                   

I'm Abdullah Yusuf, alias Gyula Bela Lunczner.

I am of Hungarian descent but I am attached to Turkey because my grandfather was Turkish.

I also speak Turkish and Arabic a bit.

I am a Sunni Muslim but I respect all other religions and views as I believe we all belong to the great family of humanity.

The painting was my hobby but since I became a Muslim I have been dealing with calligraphy mainly.

I am most interested in the art of spelling in different forms, designing them is often a big challenge but I like to solve these seemingly impossible tasks.


Each of my calligraphy is unique, self-made, I handle the paper on which the painting is placed and I traditionally paint with goose or turkey feathers. I also design and paint the backgrounds. 

My clients tell me what kind of background they want, what they want to write on it, and in what form. It takes about a week to make calligraphy, as I have to plan, present the draft to the client, and if the client likes it, it is only appropriate to start making the background and painting the calligraphy

It’s not a mass production or just print and mail style calligraphy, but a traditional art of Islamic calligraphy.

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