Islamic Calligraphies Part 8 - North African Types

Islamic Calligraphies Part 8 - North African Types


Magrebic writing

The twist in the matter is that this is the collective name for I mean (the Magreb) all forms of writing that were once used in North Africa, Muslim Spain, and parts of black Africa. So the name of the main group and the name of a certain writing form are the same.

Magrebic writing itself presumably evolved from Kufic in Egypt, and from there it moved to Kajravan (now Tunis) which had very strong ties with Egypt at the time, it was AC: 800 (around 180 according to the Hijra).
Interestingly, in Egypt, this writing later disappeared. The oldest such peculiar Western Arabic Kufic writing (Magreb) dates back to the year 300 according to the hijra (AC: 912).
This particular Maghreb - Kufic writing then developed further and has survived to the present day. Throughout North Africa, it was widespread, including Andalusia and Sudan.

But let's look at a nice example of this:

This form of Magrebic writing, like Kufic, could very well be used for space fills.
Here’s a nice example of this too: The Al-Ikhlas Surah

Kajravani writing

This is the Tunisian version of Magrebic writing. Its name is named after the ancient city of Kajravan (Tunis) which in the 9th century was the political and religious capital of the whole (Maghreb region) and then, for centuries, became the scientific and religious centre of the whole (Maghreb). Here, Magrebic writing was significantly further developed and beautified.
(Unfortunately, I don't have my own drawing with this form of writing, I get it from the internet)
Let's see :)

Andalusian writing

In the time of the Arab Emirate of Andalusia, and later the Caliphate, the capital of Cordoba, a special version of the Magrebic writing, which was later called Andalusian or Cordoba writing, developed.
Here's an example from the internet:

With this, we also took over the main forms of writing, but in the following, I will describe a few more things about calligraphy, the filling of space. Lots of interesting things, I hope you will like it :)
Today I close my lines with this.
Allah bless you :)



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